Recommendation: Hard-off

Firstly- Hi eveyone I’m back!! On the 16th of December, while updating my laptop, the update broke my laptop and it is stuck in boot-loop (it still is) and I was left with a rather bad phone to try and… Read More ›

Review: Sanyodo, book store

Sanyodo is a chain book store that offers a range a large range of books, stationary and other products. Let’s take a look. Upon entry, you are greeted with a large selection of stationary products some cheap and others not… Read More ›

Opinion: Christmas is coming

Japan has taken to the profit making market of Christmas Within many supermarkets throughout Japan, the Christmas section is starting to bloom into a eye-sore of a seasonal isle. Aeon is no different in that respect. Aeon offer many different… Read More ›

Review: Okuwa supermarket

As I travel throughout Japan, it sometimes seems that I have seen every major shop possible and ocassionally, I’m wrong. Okuwa is a smaller supermarket than Aeon but is extremely Japanese in its’ design. Upon entry, you are greeted with… Read More ›

Product: Koala Machi cookie

A sweat treat with an unexpected flavor Ignoring snow packaging (which is extremely festive in appearance now that Halloween is over) and the name which translates to Koala city, this item was extremely eye catching and I had to try… Read More ›