The long walk

My journey from Iga-Kambe station to Ueno shi station. The long winding journey that I cannot recommend enough Saturday the start of the weekend and the start of my free time. As discussed, November’s theme is exploration and trying something… Read More ›

Vending machines, a return

Coca Cola: is it as healthy as you don’t expect? How does the giant of the drink World compare to smaller vending machine companies? Let’s have a look…. The first thing to note is its’ size, there are only 15… Read More ›

Review: Axtos gym

A good gym for the price? I will say I am a member of Axtos gym under the anytime plan with insurance. The reason why I say this is that it costs me just over 10,000 JPY a month to… Read More ›

Review: Club sega

A nice distraction but don’t expect to win Club sega is your typical Japanese arcade with UFO machines (offering the chance to win figures and food), medal games (slot machines using metal tokens), music games, classical arcade games, and photo… Read More ›