Review: Axtos gym

A good gym for the price? I will say I am a member of Axtos gym under the anytime plan with insurance. The reason why I say this is that it costs me just over 10,000 JPY a month to… Read More ›

Opinion: The Japan I know

Disclaimer: Japan does annoy me at times (like so many other countries I have visited) but it is the richness of language and of culture that I adore- anime and manga not so much. Whenever you speak to someone who… Read More ›

Review: Nafco

The homestore that has everything When living in Japan, occasionally there is a need to buy furniture, tools or other common items that help a house run smoothly- enter Nafco. Nafco is a home furniture giant that have hundreds of… Read More ›

Opinion: the decline of Daiso

Know as Japan’s dollar store, but should it be? Daiso I known to many as being the epi-centre of all things cheap. From Electronics, to cosmetics, food, DVDs etc. It has it all. Additionally there are many YouTube videos that… Read More ›

Consumption tax increase

Panic panic beer will be more expensive If you are in Japan, you cannot escape the news of the consumer tax increase and I hate to say it but it’s nothing to worry about. The tax is increasing from 8%… Read More ›