Review: cycle pro shop reco

A review of Cycle pro shop reco based in Nabari

Happy 100th post

This blog has now 100 posts- many pictures and many details about my life in Japan. So let’s celebrate a little! This post is going to look at Nabari Dam in a bit more detail, a HOW2: for Place names… Read More ›

Review: the mystery bag

Japan has a strange relationship with convience stores. Many are closing due to lack of business, may are changing their opening hours to allow the store to stay open and others are just opening: case and point: Family mart in… Read More ›

Review: Books Arude

Books arude is a hidden gem in the Minowanakamura district of Nabari or in Japanese 箕輪中村- which well off the beaten track for all visitors but for locals it is a well loved book store. The store has a great… Read More ›

UPDATE: Typhoon 19

There will be no posts today. Nabari is at caution level 4 for flooding. I am prepairing just encase evacuation is called. Stay safe everyone. Very quickly, large parts of Japan are under emergency warning: