Review: Nafco

The homestore that has everything When living in Japan, occasionally there is a need to buy furniture, tools or other common items that help a house run smoothly- enter Nafco. Nafco is a home furniture giant that have hundreds of… Read More ›

Opinion: the decline of Daiso

Know as Japan’s dollar store, but should it be? Daiso I known to many as being the epi-centre of all things cheap. From Electronics, to cosmetics, food, DVDs etc. It has it all. Additionally there are many YouTube videos that… Read More ›

Consumption tax increase

Panic panic beer will be more expensive If you are in Japan, you cannot escape the news of the consumer tax increase and I hate to say it but it’s nothing to worry about. The tax is increasing from 8%… Read More ›

“It’s cheap for Japan”

But is it though? A quick exploration of pricing in Japan Anyone who has either been to Japan or who lives here has heard about pricing in Japan. Many visitors either think Japan is extremely cheap or extremely expensive. Let’s… Read More ›