初詣: First shrine visit of the new year

How2: Hatsumode in Nabari

How2: romaji

Anyone who either learns or attempts to learn Japanese comes across romaji or romanized Japanese. Other languages have similar systems (pinyin for Chinese, romaja for romanised Korean etc- there are many different systems to represent each language). In simple terms,… Read More ›

How2: Japanese addresses

Japan, unlike many other countries seems to enjoy inductive rather than deductive reasoning, that is to say they look at life from big to small, rather than small to big. Such examples of this in Japan is their group culture,… Read More ›

How2: Japanese Halloween

Japanese vocabulary for Halloween Halloween is a very commercial time for the Japanese, especially those with children or those who work with children. Here’s a handy list of some spooky vocabulary for you. Firstly, picture the scene you are at… Read More ›

Post in Japan

Where to post a letter So you have a stamp and a letter, now what? Like many things in Japan, they are designed to be as simple as possible, but this does not work. In brief, you have local and… Read More ›