Awareness: a changing climate

Awareness: a quick look into Japan’s changing climate

Ride the Noble Prize wave

Japan continues to ride the Nobel prize wave Japan’s interest in science and technology has always been at the forefront of reporting and a key highlight of day time talk shows. However, what I found interesting was this piece on… Read More ›

Dengue feaver drill: a month on

Is this something that Japan and the world should be concerned with? As the first global health blog this month, we will look at something that policy makers are panicking about internationally. Overview of the disease Dengue fever is a… Read More ›

Typhoon 101

What to do when there’s a typhoon coming your way So you have just found out that there is a typhoon heading your way while in Japan. What do you do? Panic? Scream? Wait…why is no-one else around you panicking?… Read More ›