The calm before the storm

A strange day The Japanese are known for having many cultural rules and procedures that they often ignore when convenient- and living in Japan I know this quite well. One of the more known rules is the request for silence… Read More ›

Opinion: the subtle insult

The Japanese will never say it, implications are a different matter It’s late and I’m just waiting for the train back from work and being slightly lazy, I bought a healthy bento from a convenience store. I may have had… Read More ›

Review: Axtos gym

A good gym for the price? I will say I am a member of Axtos gym under the anytime plan with insurance. The reason why I say this is that it costs me just over 10,000 JPY a month to… Read More ›

Review: Club sega

A nice distraction but don’t expect to win Club sega is your typical Japanese arcade with UFO machines (offering the chance to win figures and food), medal games (slot machines using metal tokens), music games, classical arcade games, and photo… Read More ›

Opinion: the decline of Daiso

Know as Japan’s dollar store, but should it be? Daiso I known to many as being the epi-centre of all things cheap. From Electronics, to cosmetics, food, DVDs etc. It has it all. Additionally there are many YouTube videos that… Read More ›