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  • “It’s cheap for Japan”

    But is it though? A quick exploration of pricing in Japan Anyone who has either been to Japan or who lives here has heard about pricing in Japan. Many visitors either think Japan is extremely cheap or extremely expensive. Let’s… Read More ›

  • The death of hyousatsu, name plates for homes

    Hyoutatsu or name plates for homes are a common sight to see when travelling through Japan. Every house has one and it dies perform a vital role, for delivery services. But even these name plates are diminishing. Most people only… Read More ›

  • Ise City, cooks kitchen

    When coming to Ise city, one thing that most forget is food. I know that this seems like a basic requirement, but it is often overlooked. Just 700m away from Geku (外宮) is a small curry restaurant, which is unimpressive… Read More ›

  • The problem with learning Japanese at University

    For those that have been bitten by the Anime and Mange bug, or those who have fallen in love with the idea of Japan, studying Japanese at university and moving to Japan may be a no brainer but let me… Read More ›

  • Crocks the new fashion trend?

    Think of any brand of shoes you know. There are the must haves, the sports shoes, the ‘I must be seen in these’ shoes, the ‘I need them for work shoes’ and crocs. The unspeakable item from years ago returns… Read More ›

  • Why Japanese people?

    For anyone that is familiar with Japanese culture, “Why Japanese people” is a throwback to Atsugiri Jason who initially featured on the TV programme  ‘Sokuhou! Ariyoshi no o-warai daitouryousenkyo 2014,’ and is still being referenced today. But when considering Japanese… Read More ›

  • Introuduction

    Living a language Exploring a language living abroad Welcome to my blog dedicated to global languages and experiencing language. Languages are fluid and dynamic, they are adaptable to change either through cultural uptake or need of the language community. This… Read More ›

  • My First Blog Post

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. That should tell you about my writing style, a bit mad but hopefully interesting. Very quickly, this blog will be about global cultures but it will heavily feature Japan- I… Read More ›

  • Introuduction

    Welcome to exploring languages I have started the blog to allow myself and, more importantly, you to explore the worlds of languages and see how diverse the world is. Why do this? A lot of resources are wrapped in their… Read More ›