Month: Oct 2019

How2: Japanese Halloween

Japanese vocabulary for Halloween Halloween is a very commercial time for the Japanese, especially those with children or those who work with children. Here’s a handy list of some spooky vocabulary for you. Firstly, picture the scene you are at… Read More ›

Review: Nitori, homestore

The homestore that seems to have everything Nitori seems to be a more upmarket home store when compared to Nafco as it just sells furniture, crockery, ornaments etc when Nafco also sells cleaning supplies, building supplies etc. For my British… Read More ›

It’s coming…

It’s the c word… Christmas When I was last in Japan 5 years ago as a 留学生 (ryuugakusei or foreign exchange student) in Nagoya, Christmas seemed more like a passing interest- it was something un-Japanese and not really important. Only… Read More ›

The small thanks

Convenience store raffle Occasionally while buying extreamly unhealthy food and coffee, it was treat day (come one next Tuesday), you’ll be told by the attendant to take a ticket. At first you are likely to be confused. But as the… Read More ›

Opinion: a festive update

Even the ninja train gets a spooky update. While coming home from work, the train pulls up and out of the torrential rain (or 大雨 oame) a spooky site appeared when I boarded it. I say spooky it’s more cute… Read More ›

Post in Japan

Where to post a letter So you have a stamp and a letter, now what? Like many things in Japan, they are designed to be as simple as possible, but this does not work. In brief, you have local and… Read More ›

UK attitude: an overview

Why is the UK so self-obsessed? In September, Jacob Rees-Mogg was photographed almost lying down in parliament and it became a symbol of the embodiment of British arrogance (or a nicer way to put it is: Inbegriff von der Überheblichkeit… Read More ›