Month: Sep 2019

Typhoon 101

What to do when there’s a typhoon coming your way So you have just found out that there is a typhoon heading your way while in Japan. What do you do? Panic? Scream? Wait…why is no-one else around you panicking?… Read More ›

Japanese Halloween

Happy Halloween…wait what? It is always amazing to see the different culture another country adapts. For the UK, like Japan, we adopted Halloween but at the same time, the US template was not Japanese enough. Interest in Halloween in Japan… Read More ›

Nabari lake

Time for a bike ride, I have the spot to go to Occasionally finding something to do in small town Japan is hard- you have no interest in the arcade, there is some tourist sites but you may encounter tourists,… Read More ›

Ninja 101

What’s in a name? Ninja have not always been known as ninjas- it has differed due to time and place. But first what makes up the name Ninja? Ninja or 忍者 is the on-yomi or Chinese reading of two kanji-… Read More ›

Iga-city, the ninja city

If you’ve got it flaunt it…well you can stop now. No, please… I travel to Iga a lot and I always enjoy visiting- mostly for work though. But there is one think that new visitors always take note of upon… Read More ›